Tuesday, October 17, 2006

TAG! Spooky weird stuff about me. Well I don't know if they're necessarily spooky, but they are kind of weird...

1.) I have a phobia of rubber people. Like manikins and stuff. Don't EVEN get me started about the Pirates of the Carribean ride... ohhhh my gosh.

2.) I HAVE to check my alarm clock exactly twelve times before I go to bed, otherwise I'll get very uneasy.

3.) I am very claustrophobic. When I feel it coming, I breathe out heavily and hold my breath for a long while until I think it's ok to breathe again... is this sounding insane to you too? Ok, good.

4.) My eyebrows twitch when I'm watching television or a movie. It started when I first began wearing my glasses. My brother refuses to stop making fun of me about it...whatever.

5.) Umm... I also believe in ghosts. Well... spirits I guess you can say.
Isn't it amazing the amount of things that can happen in just one month? I looked at the last time I posted a blog here and I could not believe it. So many things going on, my goodness.

For one thing it's getting colder. Such a bummer. I completely forgot that it snows in the midwest, and I'm starting to freak out! Human bodies are supposed to be warm, not COLD! Sigh... so it's time to break out the winter coat and scarves. Oh my gosh my scarves! Wait, no this isn't so bad! My Aunt made me the most beautiful red scarf and now I'm excited to wear it, yay! ("GASP!!" hahaha.)

I need some gloves though. I hate buying gloves. I have no idea why that is. They're like five dollars...! phbbt.

You know what else I don't like spending money on? My car. Is that weird? Ok so for the longest time my breaks were sqweaking and grinding and stuff. And I was worried of course but still... I didn't want to spend the money! FINALLY, I just decided to do it. So I took my car in to the shop, mumbled to the guy behind the desk what kind of car I had, and pouted all the way home. When I got the call from the shop telling me how much my new breaks and roaders were going to cost I did a tiny little breakdown, but told them to go ahead with it anyway. I was pissed. But you know what? I went back to the shop, paid the creeps, and was actually very glad. My breaks didn't sqweak! It was like my car was happy that I got him all fixed up! And that made me all excited, and so now I want to do more for my car. What else is there to do for your car besides get the oil changed and check breaks though? Hmmm...

I miss reading. I really want to just bury myself in a book right now. Get lost in a story. No way that's possible with school though. If I ever get my schoolwork done and find myself with a moment to relax, I just want to RELAX, and not do a single thing. That's why I haven't blogged in so long I think. I love to post blogs, and I have still visited everyone else's, but sometimes even typing my THOUGHTS is too much effort! hahaha Yea but anyway, about reading. I'm not sure if I want to pick up a brand new book, or dig into one that I've already read. I read one earlier this year, and it has now become my all time favorite. It's called The Mercy of Thin Air, By Ronlyn Domingue. This one really touched me. It's about... hah, I don't even know where to begin about it. It can't be summed up in a couple of sentences. So, I don't know, YOU should go and pick it up. It's wonderful.

Congratulations David on your new job! I've told you that many, many times already but you posted it on your blog and I wanted to make sure I said something! I'm so stinking glad that you're liking it so far and I hope it continues to go well. You're such a hard worker, you'll do GREAT. :-)!!!!

I know this sounds crazy but I honestly can't remember the last time I went out to see a movie. When the heck was it?? It was with my fella... I remember that. We got popcorn that time! Yum. OH! School for Scoundrels. I'll put up a little mini review when I post about the others. It was pretty good, not horrible. But I don't think I'll see it again.

Well, I've got to wrap this up. I'm about to go shopping with my friend and she's on her way over here. I've got THREE birthdays to shop for next week! Sheesh... but fun. :-) Ok, I'll catch you guys later. Movie reviews later!

Hope everything is wonderful where you are!


Monday, September 18, 2006

WHOA. I can't believe how long it's been since my last post! What a slacker. What have I been up to? Hmmm... you know not much really, just trying to adapt to my school schedule and everything. Jeez, I forgot how much time classes take out of your day! We are totally spoiled in the Summer. Come on girl, it's OVER! Now you've got papers due every week and tests to prepare for.

I have to tell you I am NOT liking my math class one bit. I hate to be all negative about this but it's really just unbearable. It's not that it's hard, because I have no trouble with the material. I mean this is a refresher course we've already LEARNED it in high school you know? I'm not sure what it is... could be that it's just a really really boring subject for me. Could be that the class just way too early in the morning and is only two stinking hours long. Or you know what? Maybe it's because my teacher is about as interesting as tax season and the sound of his voice is like a dying sea otter.

My other classes are going well I suppose. LOVE English. My teacher is from Britain and I enjoy listening to her accent. Plus there's always something very cool about listening to someone with a broad vocabulary. She always seems to know exactly what word to use when describing something. Neat.
Biology... hmmm having a little trouble with that one. I'm no science geek over here so we'll see how it goes. Just don't ask me what a dipeptide is because I'll puke.
US History. You know I do love my history, but... again I'm having trouble with my teacher. I really wish that he would put the book down for a second and just take a moment to breathe, and you know, share. Give us an example or two of what he's explaining. Otherwise nothing will stay in my brain, you know? Show me something, man! History is alluring, history is a story! It takes you back in time, to different settings, different mindsets and different characters. It's a shame to learn history without getting caught up in it. Oh well, I'm trying.

I wish I was Superman...

School isn't the only thing I've been up to. I've got my David, my fella. He and I are at about three months now, and it's been... gratifying. Oh who am I kidding it's been amazing! Three months is such a short amount of time but it feels like we've been doing this forever. :-) I look forward to every visit like I'm going on a trip to Disneyland! And it only seems to be getting better and better... oh my god how cheesy.

Let's see what else is going on here... oh ok work! I'm only working on the weekends, so that I can focus on my schoolwork. Is it nice, you might ask? Is shoving your face in a toilet nice? No, it sucks. Work sucks.

I have started tutoring at the high school and I have high hopes for this year. Last year we had quite a number of ninth graders come to the help room, but this year we want even more. My supervisor and I have been trying to think of ways to reach out to these kids and help them realize how important getting assignments done is. Hopefully if we have like, a student comes in at least once, they'll know how easy and beneficial it is to them. But of course not all are going to go the extra mile, so we do what we can. It's so fun, it really is. There's this amazing feeling I get in the pit of my stomach when I teach and talk with a student about what they're learning. I get most excited of course when I discuss history, western civilization and english. The students will be getting into Shakespeare near the spring, which was what the majority of students last year came in for, and I can't wait. So fun.

Ok well that's about it with me. Just school, work, tutoring and walking on cloud nine with my fella. :-* Busy, busy and getting even busier that's my life right now and I love it. And I love all of you! I hope everything is wonderful where you are!


WHAT'S YOUR RATING? -- before I get into my own reviews and ratings, I want to know what some of you are thinking! For these three movies, give me your rating out of 5! Or, give a guess as to what you think my rating will be! :-)

Crank: ? /5

Little Miss Sunshine: ? / 5

Gridiron Gang: ? / 5

Casino Royal trailor: ? / 5

(Click for the trailor)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Movie Reviews:

Doing things a little different this time! I've seen a few movies but just haven't had the time (or energy) to post up my reviews. So I'm just going to do them all at once very briefly. Here you go!:

Talladega Nights


Will Ferril is getting old. I'm sorry. I mean I'm going to keep enjoying his humor but I'm not as excited about it as I used to be. I have not heard of one person that actually liked this movie, so that gives me hope. But there's no wonder! It's plot was incredibly weak, predictable, unintelligent and just plain ridiculous. And they focused more on the plot then the actual humor, which I'm pretty sure was the ONLY reason why anyone was interested in the movie anyway, am I right? You didn't go into the auditorium thinking, "Hmm I wonder what kind of morals I could learn in this one..." No, you were thinking, "Haha what will Will Ferril do next?!" Please, people.
Lines like "shake and bake" and "I wanna go fast" got very annoying, very quick. The crude kids were PAINFULLY not funny. (UGH I very much dislike child actors!) And most of all, I just plain didn't care what happened to the characters in the story. There's nothing worse then feeling DUMB after you've just watched a movie, seriously. I give it minor points because (A) it had some good tunes and (B) I can remember a few parts where I laughed a bit so I can't really sit here and say it was a complete dud. But, I'll never see this again. And everytime somebody mentions it my involuntary groans and scoffs will continue.

Miami Vice


BORING! Oh my gosh I was so bored watching this film. And you know what? I'm pissed. I'm totally pissed because I was very much looking forward to this one. I was anticipating SO much more than what we got. I was ready for some ACTION, you know? For some hot guys running around in Armani suits and babes shooting guns in miniskirts. What the crap?! Nothing. Phbbt. An explosion at some trailor house, a cheap little shoot-out toward the end where NObody dies, and the cheesiest, fakest, stupidest, crappiest, pukiest "love" story I have ever seen. For the love of all that is glorious and shiny, give me a stinkin' break. Don't even get me started on the two main characters... shoot I've already started... Ok these guys had NO personalities, showed NO acting talent, and had NO connection with eachother! Are these people PARTNERS? It's Sonny and Tubbs guys!!!! Show some respect, huh? Show some attempt, jeez. I apologize, I'm upset. If you must watch this just... prepare to be disappointed that's for sure. Why I give it a 1 and not a 0? Well... you should've seen the car selection...mmhmm.

Night Listener


Ok here we go this one was a heck of a lot better than the previous two flicks, but that's not saying a whole lot because the others CRAPPED. Anyway, with the Night Listener we've got some creativity flowing. You actually had to THINK your way through the movie, kept you guessing. I like those kinds of films for sure. It really did spook me in a few parts and I just couldn't seem to predict what was going to happen. That's enough kudos for a mystery movie don't you think? And Toni Collette was absolutely amazing. She played a ca-REEPY chick and played it well. Robin Williams is not so bad. I believed him as his character, and that was a good achievement. I'll always love Mr. Williams because he's played in a couple of my most favorite childhood movies (Hook and Mrs. Doubtfire), but I don't think he's superb or anything, but he does his job.
The only real critique I have for this film was that it was a liiiiitle bland. When the movie ended, it... hadn't really GONE anywhere. There was no... bang. No real resolution. Through the film the plot would thicken and thicken and it would build you up and up but then like I said, go nowhere. Disappointing, but refreshing to see some intelligence in a movie again after the last two... sheesh people.



Unexpectedly well done. That's how I describe this movie. I was very skeptical at the beginning of this film. As you have learned I don't necessarily enjoy the acting skills of children, and that's kind of what we got for the first twenty minutes. Plus there was all this magic, fantasy crap going on and quite frankily that's just not my thing. However, once I let my mind open up, I really began to enjoy the essence of what this movie had to offer. The plot was well thought out, for me personally was unpredictable which is good, and had a very sweet and thoughtful ending that made you go, "awwww...!" An all around satisfying piece.
As far as acting? I must praise Edward Norton. He exuded chivalrous masculinity. Is that even correct phrasing? I don't know and I don't care because that's what I think of when I try to desribe what he portrayed in his character. Very well done. And who doesn't love Paul Giamatti? You just kind of KNOW he'll do his job and put in a good effort. I confidently recommend this movie to anyone. Especially if you are sick of seeing unintelligent, unnecessary, boring films that seem to be taking over the box office these days. Careful though, the Illusionist isn't perfect, but is definitely... refreshing. :-)



Bummer. Well another film I was somewhat disappointed in. There's really not much to say about this one. It was entertaining... but not enough. I'm not quite sure what it is exactly. Yes, it was heartfelt. There was definitely inspiration in the story. I just... thought there was going to be more. More... FOOTBALL. More... speeches. More... conflict. It just rode the surface on the satisfactory line that's all. JUST makes it past the "waste of time" mark, you know? Not bad, but not good either. Good tunes of course, I'll be sure to check out the soundtrack on ITunes. And Mark Wahlberg... phew I used to have SUCH a crush on him. First when Fear came out, then Planet of the Apes. Both ridiculous movies... but so were his muscles. There, I freaking said it! Ridiculously HOT muscles. Gosh darnit.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hello again!

Ok, I JUST got back from visiting my Aunt in Oregon for two whole weeks! I got to play with my little cousins and eat large amounts of food, so now my Summer feels complete I think. Hehe! The VERY first thing we did on our vacation was visit the Coast. Man it was so good to be there again. It was a bit chilly of course, it wouldn't BE the Oregon Coast if it wasn't. Nevertheless we were still able to dip our toes in the ocean water and get chased by it's waves. To this day that's still one of my most favorite games. :-)

I also went with my parents to take a look at Western Oregon University's campus. I've been wanting to go there for their Education Program for years and I was finally able to visit it last week! Very cool I might say, the drive there was gorgeous. (I managed to take a somewhat decent picture with my cellphone and attach it here so you all can see!) However whether or not I actually attend that school is undecided. See, when I first got the idea of going to WOU I was living in Oregon. Now, four years later I'm about eight states away soooo... things may change. Do I stick with my goal and keep striving for WO? Or do I face change, attend a school here and allow a different path? Hmm.... yea, I'll get back to you on that.

Loads more of fun stuff while I was away: Tea Party, swimming and soccer lessons, Saturday Market, Luigi sandwiches, board games, rocking babies to sleep, animal planet, scrubs, raquet ball, movie watchin', and guitar hero. I would have to say my most fondest memories these days are my nights with Girlie. I sleep in her room and that girl never falls asleep before me. It's just yackety-yack about dragons and videogames until I finally say, "Uh huh, ok honey I'm going to dreamland now... see you in the morning...". Hahah nah we have a great time. We giggle and laugh for an hour or so. I tell her "Crazy Customer" stories or on some nights I'll try and rack up a Spyro Story for her. I love it.

Sigh, I get so sad when I have to part with my sweet cousins. I always thought the good-byes would get easier over time but I'm telling you it's just the opposite. It gets harder and harder. Everytime we've left their house it's been early in the morning to catch our plane. I usually have a ritual with my Girlie. I would wake her up with kisses and hug her good-bye. But this time I couldn't seem to do it. I didn't want to hear her tell me good-bye, so I let her sleep this time and just whispered it in her ear. Hope you forgive me Girlie! :-* Thankfully I was able to see my Aunt before we left. I'm missing you guys so much and I'll be looking forward to our next visit which hopefully won't be too far from now. :-)

Phew! Well, two weeks is a LONG time to be away. Time to get back to my routine again. Lots of mail had to be opened and kittys needed to be loved. Oh! And I'm being SO smart this time. As soon as I unpacked I started my laundry. Oh my gosh it feels so good knowing I'm getting that done. I have work tomorrow and I just don't see where I would have been able to fit it in before school starts on Monday. I'm FINALLY on my last load, (whites. I hate folding socks, always takes forever) but it's taken awhile to get finished up. That's why I'm blogging and stuff right now so I can stay awake. I've also been listening to music. Almost tripped on one of my cats dancing to Footloose. And I'm on my sixth or seventh round listening to Madonna's Vogue. I can't stand the woman but that song is righteous.

Alrighty well, I think I've pretty much covered everything. I've definitely missed my fella. It was such a challege being away for so long, but that's over with and we're getting together for breakfast tomorrow morning! Pretty early though too so... I may want to think about getting myself ready for bed. I'm actually very excited. I love my bed. Maybe I'll even put in a movie too! Something like... Braveheart! My goodness I do love that movie. I've watched this movie about eighty times and I still love it just as much as I did when I first watched it. Watch the trailor. It's SO awesome: Braveheart

Favorite Lines:

  • "Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it."

  • "You know what it means to hate. Now you're ready to be King."
" ... My hate will die with you."

  • "I have come to beg the life of William Wallace."
"You're quite taken by this man aren't you?"

  • "They killed her to get to me. I've never spoken of it, I don't know why I tell you now, except... I see her strength in you."

  • "Who is this person that speaks to me as though I needed his advice?"

  • "What does that mean to be noble? Your title gives you claim to the throne of our country, but men don't follow titles, they follow courage."

  • "Now... let this scrapper come to me."

  • "Parce que chaque jour j'ai pense a toi..."

Heehee goodnight you all!


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

REVIEW: Lady In The Water

Director: M. Night Shyamalan

Starring: Paul Giamatti... the only person worth mentioning.


Plot: Don't even ask.


Ok fine I'll admit it. It was MY idea to see this movie. I drug my date into it. I feel very ashamed, yes. Why oh why, you ask? I was curious. I wanted to see if it was possible that Shyamalan would be able to create yet another piece of crap and actually have the nerve to call it a "film" and not what it REALLY is... an expensive pile of puke. HAH! There you go that's what I thought of this film. There were at least two "What the hell"s and seven, "huh?"s in the auditorium after the movie ended. Was ANYBODY impressed with this movie? Did anybody (besides the old lady in the back that kept going "ohhhh!") recieve ANY entertainment from it's plot? I want to know who you are because I've heard of a great place where you can have group discussions. Yeah, in the mental institution.

Look, here's the deal. It seems that Night has become just a BIT big-headed. Phbbt... he's thinking he's got to be the only one left with all the creativity and originiality anymore. And since he's recieved all this fame from The Sixth Sense, it's like he thinks he can get away with anything. You know whats sad? He IS getting away with it. I mean I'll admit it, I love Sixth Sense. And DON'T tell me you "knew the twist all along" because we all know you're lying. Anyway, I give him a lot of credit for that, thus I have been giving in to his other movies. So, in my opinion, he DOES have talent. But you know what? It only goes so far. What I mean is, Night will think up a pretty cool, pretty radical idea. Then when he decides to make it into a movie, he'll stretch it, overexaggerate and manipulate it until it's just one big mess. I call it a "puke idea". He pukes his idea out, and people are left confused and feeling dumber than when they first came in. It's a bummer really.

I'm not going to sit here though and bash him and say that he should stop making movies. But I do want to ask that he stops making them into such huge deals. You're not the ONLY director in the world, Shyamalan.

Alright, on to the movie itself. There's really not much I WANT to say about it. It's a fantasy tale about a Lady from the "blue world" that came to an apartment complex because she needed to tell someone something very important, right? But theres a dog made out of grass that wants to eat her up and keep her from getting back to her land. So she gets help from the man who found her, Cleveland Heap (Giamatti), the superintendant of the building. And he rounds people up that fit certain "special" roles such as the Gaurdian, the Healer, the Geographer or whatever, then a great big eagle will come swoop in and take her away. Yay. Got all of that? Can anybody say, nutcase? I tell ya, it was comical to watch the story unravel and not in the good way.

The way Night opened the movie was horrible. He told us the story of the "blue water people" through cartoon animations drawn in chalk. Yeah. I think I chuckled aloud during that scene. I don't even remember anything that was said.

But then Paul Giamatti comes in and I have to tell you, I love this man. HE is talented. He's a great actor and really knows how to engage into his characters. I'm sure others will agree on this one but he was definitley the ONE thing that kept this movie going. All the other actors/actresses were inexperienced and average and I just don't have to care or energy to talk about them. But Giamatti, he really set the tone for the movie. Very serious. But thank God for his humor.

This movie did attempt to be funny. I did do a "haha" in a few parts. But still not enough to make the movie good. The character who only worked out on one side of his body was a neat idea. And I did think Giamatti was cute trying to act as a child to be told the fairytale. But other things like the Korean teenager? Please. Not only was she not funny, she was just plain annoying. And that group of smokers? Nice try. Who are you trying to entertain here Night? Twelve year olds?

There were many characters in this movie... and I don't care about any of them. Thanks for the excellent work of character development there Shyamalan.

Sigh... please don't see this movie unless you really feel like you have to. But if you want to see a really cool movie about a Lady from a "blue land", save yourself the exhaustion of watching yet ANOTHER bad movie, and just watch the Little Mermaid. (heehee!)

Creative? Sure. Original? Why not. But insane and a waste of time? Most definitley.

Rating: 1/5

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bonjour mes amies!

You know that feeling you get when you miss the new episode of your favorite show? That's how I feel about not blogging for so long! Sorry blogspot. I've been cheating on you with someone else. :-* heehee I've missed you. Hey, I've got TWO movies to review! ugh... two crappy ones though, and that only means they will be SHORT and will include many "give me a breaks". sheesh...

So I've just been in Florida. We stayed in Orlando at a very nice hotel right across from Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. My dad needed to go there for a business trip and took my mom and I along with him. I felt so bad... poor man was stuck in meetings all the time.

But... that didn't really stop my mom and I from having the time of our lives! hahah Everyday we had something planned. On our second day, we hit a very radical water park. Now, I hadn't been to one of these since maybe seventh grade, so I wasn't quite sure what I would be doing. I mean... water parks are generally for kids I guess so I was just kind of planning on soaking in the sun. But holy moly as we walked into the arena and witnessed all the slide glory I was overcome with excitement. I didn't even THINK about my slight case of claustrophobia. And really it IS slight. It's not even an issue really but... ok shoving myself down a 300 foot tube of BLACKNESS may do the trick. Oh my god I can't remember what they called the slide exactly. Somthing like, "the cage" I don't know. Hah, yea the freaking cage of DEATH! I SERIOUSLY thought I was going to die on this thing. What?! You're flying down a tube of plastic with water splashing in your face. Not to mention it's completely DARK and you can't see the end or anything. How are you supposed to know when the stinkin' thing is going to END? When do you hold your breath?! I was holding my breath the whole time. Did I mention this thing was about 300 feet long? Yea, I was literally preparing my soul for the heavens in the middle of this thing. But I got out eventually, stunned, my body in shock. Some lifegaurd brat kept yelling at me to get out. Umm... hello? You're a fricken' lifeguard aren't ya? HELP ME!!! jeez... I got whiplash too. I freaked.

So now I'm back to work again. Wow, it sucks. But it's not so bad. I've been spending some time with my new fella. What a cutie... and a good movie buddy! And let's see in about.... oh my gosh THREE days I'm going out of town again. I'll be seeing my Aunt and precious cousins. I love those guys. They just spent about three weeks at our place not to long ago. Now it's our turn to head over there. Which is cool because they live in Oregon, which is where I grew up. It's my home, and I do love my home. It's a place where although it may be 105 degrees outside, there will always be a cool breeze to keep you cozy. A place where you can plant any kind of flower outside and you don't have to worry about it not lasting through the winter. A place where you actually feel like you can breathe because the air is so fresh from the ocean. Oh, don't even get me started about the ocean... such an exhilirating... familiar place. Just the sight of it gives me goosebumps. And the sounds it makes... I love it. I miss it. Eventually I'll get back there. Not sure when exactly but... eventually.

Ain't it pretty?

Ok well I'm getting tired. It's almost midnight. Not sure if I want to put in a movie or something. I'm in the mood for a light romance. Maybe Say Anything. How cute is that movie, huh? My opinion though, John Cusack is looking better now than he ever has. Did you all catch Identity? Phew... very handsome. Hey... do I own that one? Nah, too scary for a nighttime movie. hmmm...

Well, night you all. Stay tuned for some movie bashing. :-)


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

REVIEW: Superman Returns

Director: Bryan Singer

Starring: Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth, Kevin Spacey, Parker Posey, James Marsden and Sam Huntington

Trailor: Superman Returns

Plot: Astronauts find some remainings of Superman's planet, and so he goes off to see what he can find and to do a little soul searching I guess. But five years goes by, and the Man of Steel is BACK!! But he finds that some things have changed liiiiike, Lois Lane has a son... and a fiance. (awww man!) Some things have stayed the same though. Lex Luther is still the greedy, malicious evil-doer and now has himself a big ol' evil plan that Superman will have to stop of course. What ensues is a couple hours of vicous FUN and exciting entertainment. :-)


Ohhhh my gosh I loved, LOVED this movie! Where do I even begin?? First of all, Superman (along with Batman I'd say) is by far the BEST freaking comic book hero in history. Not only is he just this big, strong flying man... he's FULL of heart, and in LOVE! (Nothing more attractive on a guy :-*.) He just wants to make his dad proud, you know? And save freaking, EVERYBODY. I love it.

What truly made this movie great, was that it kept all authenticity of the original Superman. I believe that no true fan will be disappointed when they see Singer's design. Because they stuck with everything! Even Marlon Brando as the dad! They didn't add they're own gimmicks or make changes "for the better" or anything and THAT truly makes a difference in a remake. By the way, that is so freaking 80's, it's becoming more and more rare that you see directors doing that anymore. But that's a good thing, no a great thing. We peeps are only interested in the REAL story, you know? sheesh... don't EVEN get me started with that crap. (ahem Troy, Batman and Robin...) Anyway, yea, NONE of that here. It had the same vibe the 1978 Superman had with Christopher Reeves. Same kind of humor, same sweet love story, same dorky Clark Kent, same music which is amazing. Choreographed by John Williams of course, whom also is credited for creating music for other movies such as Star Wars, Jaws, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Hook, Close Encounter of the Third Kind and oh, pretty much everything else. Amazing.

Computer Graphics. Ok, DUH there's a lot of it. And yea you can tell in most parts... but alright if YOU can think of a better idea to make a man fly through the air and catch an airplane look like the real thing, then let somebody know. I gotta say, I didn't care that it looked fake. Whatever, you know? It didn't even look BAD! There are different kinds of "looking fake". There's Legolas-Horse-Flippin' fake, and Superman soaring over the Earth fake. I'd go with the latter of the two quite honestly. Lego-Flippin' is cheesy, and just plain unecessary. What they did with Superman was FUN! And expected of course because, well... humans can't fly afterall... It's astonishing really how far we've come. Good job team, the film looked phenominal, truly.

oKAY, here we go. I've been wanting to talk about this man for awhile now. Can I just say... NOT... BAD there casting director! Where in the world did you find this guy?! He's absolutely perfect. I was skeptical before coming into the film, wondering just HOW they think they can convince us that there is ANY other actor better for the Man of Steel then Mr. Reeves. But wow... he knocked my socks off with his performance. Brandon Routh is his name, and those ARE in fact his muscles under the suit. (phew...) He gives off that Superman VIBE! Undoubtedly powerful, yet extremely vulnerable and kind. You can tell that Brandon WANTED to do his best, and KNEW that he had a lot to live up to with this role. He nailed it, he really did.

I gotta tell you all. Seriously, WHAT the heck is Lois Lane thinking?! Clark Kent is JUST about the cutest thing I've ever seen. If I had to choose which "personality" of Supe's to fall for I'd definitely go for this one. (But I've always gone for the nerds anyway... tee hee! kidding.)

Kate Bosworth, ANOTHER fantastic choice. What a great idea, casting her as Lois Lane. Stong, independent, yet very feminine. Heck, I'd fall in love with her. Except her hair bothered me a bit. I really wanted to take a comb and do something with the front. But oh well, what the heck do I know about hair. Kate Bosworth has two colored eyes!! I didn't know this until I saw this movie. One is brown, one is blue. How cute! I heard her Lois Lane doll even has that aspect. Kate didn't bother me at any point in this film. Her character was very hurt about Superman leaving for five years, yet when he comes back, she couldn't deny her feelings for him. Gosh, such a sweet story there. And terrific job to both Kate and Brandon for delivering such worthy performances. :-)

I love Kevin Spacey. As soon as I saw that he was casted as Lex Luther I was thrilled. He's one of those actors you just kind of KNOW that he'll go a good job. He's already had some experience playing the bad guy in flicks (Se7en... ooo creepy) and I personally think that is where he is strongest. He's got that... evil... charisma. And you know what? He was pretty funny in this movie. Lex Luther's character is actually a pretty charming guy... he's just got something up his rear end I guess.

You know... sigh, you're supposed to hate this guy because he's Miss Lane's fiance... but he's just so cuuuute. He's no Depp, ok. But he does a swell job in this movie. But mostly... yea he's just nice to look at. Which isn't bad, but he does need to go away because Superman HAS to have Lois. No other way around it. Go back to X-Men world there, James.

Alright, it's true that this movie is now ranked as one of my top favorites of all time. But it wasn't COMPLETELY flawless I have to admit. I'll tell you what bothered me about this flick. The bad guys. Not Kevin, but his little followers. Usually I LIKE Parker Posey. My lord she was hilarious in Best In Show. It just didn't seem like she fit her role here. What was she, Luter's wife? Yea... I think she was trying to hard, because she came off really annoying here. And the other five or six lemmings... they were SUPPOSED to be funny, but again, just plain annoying. And why didn't any of them say more than two words? They just STOOD there, like Singer needed to fill in space or something that's all. OOO! You know what would have made them cool? Maybe instead of making them look like some cheap gang group, they could have dressed them up like Lex. You know in Armani suits and stuff, that would have given a whole other feeling... not soooo amateurish I guess.

Ok, that's all the critique I have! There are other things I wanted to say... but I don't want to give anything away so you're just gonna have to see it for yourself! And that's cool, because this is one of those movies one could watch over and over again. Honestly, in my opinion this movie pretty much has every aspect a good movie SHOULD have (finally...): Action, fantasy, romance, humor, incredible stunt coordination and digital effects. It had sophistication, morale, suspence and originality. This film was an add-on to the Superman epic. It didn't change any characteristics, it brought it all back! Of course, in a more modern way. This movie was... exciting. Authentic. Exactly what our Superman is.

Rating: 5/5